Facebook Reactions Will Influence Your News Feed

Facebook Reactions have been around for just over a year now and have been used over 300 billion times. That’s a lot! So Facebook is naturally going to use this to their advantage. Basically, the News Feed is getting an update.


The Reactions Update:

We know Facebook is always looking for ways to improve their algorithm, so long story short, Facebook is now going to be prioritising Reactions over Likes when ranking stories in the News Feed. Let’s be honest, Facebook knew what they were doing from the very start. First, test the new update to make sure it’s welcomed by the users and then a year later when it’s been accepted, use it to help improve the platform.


If you look into it… Reactions are actually a very valuable feature. Instead of the old-fashioned Like button, the user is actually able to express emotion through Reactions. In turn, showing what stories they are actually interested in.

“The company says that it will “weigh” each reaction in the same way. However, it should also take into account the time a user spends on each post, and then “weigh” each reaction accordingly. Spending more time on a post, even if that means picking an appropriate reaction, shows that a person has “cared.” It would also be very interesting to know, how often users change their Reactions. Is it within seconds, or over longer periods of time.”(Source: We Are Social Media)


In case you’re interested, the ‘Love’ Reaction actually accounts for half of the 300 Billion used. So it’s good to see positive messages being shared. Now, with Facebook taking your Reactions into account, you are able to influence the stories shown through the News Feed.


P.S. here’s the clever part… 

There is a type of post we like to call “Reaction Posts.” This is basically when you get an audience to vote using Reactions. Simple. But this is where it could get interesting… What if you were able to use “Reaction posts” to influence a user’s News Feed. Using it to show them more of your content. Something to think about…


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